Program PW Self
- The ability to display all personnel with payment, cash, and credit status in the status summary report for payment in version 4.1.6.

- The pre-purchase report for n me has been added in version 4.1.6.

- The possibility of Excel output for daily feed intake reports, unnamed personnel on the promise, unused subscriber stats, invoices issued in the promise and selection of cumulative option, daily intake of food types, personal credit changes (cumulative and individual), and statistics Unspecified Personnel Use "in version 4.5.1.

- The possibility of setting up a specific device in the monitoring mode is performed in version 4.1.1.

- The PWSelf program from version 3.2.1 is not supported in SQL SERVER 2000.

- The ability to send a meal plan up to 3 weeks after the current week for the 1410 devices.
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Download PWSelf

After downloading, please uninstall the file in the server where the program is installed, then double-click the Install.exe file.

Accuracy 1: To update the program, know the name or IP of the server on which the application is installed, the name or IP of the server where the hardware lock is installed, the name of the SQL user whose program is installed, and the password is required.

Accuracy 2: If the duration of your support contract has expired, you will not be able to upgrade the editing of the program.

Download the system guidance guide
If you have questions about how a specific item is running in the program or if there is a problem with your application, you can see the solution to this problem by looking at this section and finding the question you are looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions about prepayment

What needs to be done to cancel or deduct the amount of unused purchases?
If the prepayment has been made and has passed since the prepayment date and is not exported in the history of the purchase pocket, if the prepayment is canceled, confirmation has been made for the prepayment to be canceled, and if the deduction of the prepayment amount is made and in the report of the situation summary in the list of foods Consumed to report.

2. What is the meaning of the "pre-purchase" message on the screen of the chipset during the monitoring?
The person who is a part of the pre-owned personnel does not have a pre-purchase date and promise.

3. What is the meaning of the "account validity" message on the screen of the chipset during monitoring?
The person whose cost of food is set to credit is not credible and credit should be increased.

4. What types of pre-purchase are possible?
1 - Touch Screen System and PC Card Reader
2. I am going through the network through the station
3- Through the work

5. What is the ID and password in the pre-purchase status?
Prevent the extension of the jack for other personnel.

6. What is the reduction in the credibility of credit personnel?
Increase and decrease the credit amount in negative currency.

7. Is there a possibility to issue a pin at pre-purchase time? Explain.
Yes - Tick the ticking options and then connect the printer to the computer when the printer is pre-installed.

8. What does the sign mean at the time of prepay?
There is no possibility of a pre-bid in the promise, and in the personnel profile it is not possible to use the promised promise.

9. What does the sign mean during pre-purchase?
There is no possibility of pre-purchase in history - that is, from the date of pre-export issue.

10. What is the maximum number of weeks to be redeemed within a few weeks?
It is up to four hours.

11. What should I do to use the credit system?
You must first purchase the pre-sale and credit version of this program. In the next step, you should give credit to people how to get food, and use credits from people's menu to increase credit for crediting people.

12. What should be done to increase and decrease credit in the program?
From the personnel menu, increase and decrease credit, select the name of the person from the list of credit personnel and click on the credit increase button to increase or decrease credit. Now, add the amount you want to increase the credit against the raise option. If you want to reduce your credit, enter the number in negative versus the raise option.

13. What should I do to report on people's credit?
From the Reports menu, select the people's credit change and prepare a report for the people within the time range.

14. What should I do to determine the personnel required to buy?
From the pre-sales menu, look for the personnel to be pre-ordered, search for the personnel, and use the Space or Double click to place the person in the pre-order.

15. Is there a possibility to pre-order the day's food in the program?
No, there is no possibility to pre-order the current day's food.

16. What if we want to be available in the system before the week before, and staff will only buy food for the coming weeks?
From the support menu, system parameters, check the box next to "The current week is prepayable."

17. If a person is credible and pre-nourishes food, what should be done to undo this advance and not reduce the amount of food from his credentials?
If a person who receives credit is receiving food, he or she will redeem the food at a pre-paid expense. Now, if for some reason this person does not consume the food that he has bought, he will return the amount of pre-paid credit to return his credit from the pre-sale menu, unused pre-paid control, and the return of the pre-paid credit.

18. What does the confirmation of credit purchases mean?
If a person who receives credit for the cost of his food and pays for food, his pre-paid food costs will be reduced to his credit. Now, if a person does not consume food for the reason that he has pre-paid, using the credit check confirmation option, we will confirm the credibility of that person.

19. What's the point, why?
If the person who receives his / her food allowance and prepay food and does not consume food for the reasons he / she has bought, use the option of cancellation. The person's pre-bid is canceled and the cost of the food is not deductible from the person's rights, that is, the false pre-orders in the consumer's income are not included in the status summary report for payment.

20. What is the deduction of the prepayment amount?
If the person who receives the expense of his food and has bought the food and for some reason did not consume the food he had bought. Using the option to deduct prepayments, the individual's pre-orders and the cost of pre-paid food are paid out of his salary, that is, the prepayment received by the person in the summary report for the payment is paid.

21. Why are not there some pre-orders for returning or canceling prepaid credit or debit cards?
In this section, only previews that have passed their date but have not been used are displayed.
Telephone service

Contact a telephone counselor to resolve the issue with 84282 (021).

It should be noted that the telephone service only includes customers who have a support contract with the World Trade Company or within the software warranty range.

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Prerequisite for installing PWSelf-Win software

1. Operating system Windows 7 or higher. If you need to use the program on the organization's network, the minimum operating system requirements for Windows Server 2008 (if the operating system is not server-type, the efficiency and security and stability of the system decreases)
2- SQL Server
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 at least
3. Minimum required memory is 4GB (RAM).
4. USB port
5. Free space for the drive you want to install the program and drive operating system (at least 10G)

Cheat Sheet Installer:
1- Node Network (for network communication).
2. Power outlet for device and printer

If you need to reinstall the program, the version of MS SQL Server must be the same or higher with the previous installed version.
Learn how to install PWSelf

To install the PWSelf program, follow these steps:

1. Install the program Run the install.exe file from the installation CD and launch the next key.

At this point, if you want to install the program in full (database + executable program) on the current system, select Local. If you want the database to be installed on a system and executable file on another system, select the Remote option.

At this point, after reviewing the electronic agreement, select "I agree to this agreement."

Enter the path you want to install the program. If desired, select "Create Shortcut on Desktop" and hit the Next Button.

At this point in the name of the computer name, enter the name or Ip of the computer where the database is installed on the computer.

Note: If you have an Instance instance for the Microsoft Sql Server application installed, enter the following in the following format:

Name instance \ name or computer's Ip

Enter the username and password of the Sql user who is supposed to install the program. Then enter the lock Ip Address name or Ip computer that has the lock installed on it.

In the next window, the profile of the program is displayed. Click on the key to start the operation if all of the items are correct.

2- Install the hardware lock

From the installation CD, copy the lock folder to Hard and install the locker driver program named sentinel protection Installer.exe. Double-click the lockcheck.exe file to run the lock program. If you want to run this program automatically every time you turn on the computer, right-click on the lockcheck.exe file and select the Create Shortcut option. Copy the Shortcut file to the Windows startup path and restart the computer. The Start Up: \ Program data \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Start Menu \ programs \ StartUp path of the Windows installation