PW Kara Web Program
PWKaraWeb is a web-based version of PWKara software that confesses to customers the most complete presence and presence in the Iranian market. The various features seen in it, along with its user-friendliness and the ability to provide diverse reports, make this software Has become the most popular attendance application in the whole country, with tens of thousands of organizations, companies, factories and workshops currently operating around the country. The web version of this software comes with a 5-layer architecture in addition to high-speed data sharing and high-security information exchange.

For more information, see the PWKaraWeb software page.
Telephone service

Contact a telephone counselor to resolve the issue with 84282 (021).

It should be noted that the telephone service only includes customers who have a support contract with the World Trade Company or within the software warranty range.

Requested expert dispatch

To request the dispatch of the expert, please complete the complete form correctly. You will be contacted at the earliest opportunity to coordinate.

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Demo request

The demo session can be provided by the experts of the company to become familiar with the products of the processing world in the company or at the customer's premises. To apply for a demo, please complete the attached form information in full. You will be contacted for the first time in order to coordinate.

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1. Operating system with the latest updates
Windows Server 2008 or higher - Windows 7 or higher
2- IIS
IIS 7.0 or higher
3- Browser
Latest editing of IE 9.0 or later - Chrome 40 or higher - 30 FireFox or higher
4- SQL Server
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or higher
5- .Net Framework
.Net Framework 4.5 or higher
6. At least 16GB free memory required
7. Minimum required space of 20GB
8. USB port