PWKara Program
- In version 5.1.1, the application of the productivity law for hospital systems is ongoing.

- In version 5.1.1, the display of the time period and the duration of the shift in the form of TimeShift is ongoing.

- Excel output for daily report and summary of status of contractors in hourly editing in version 4.3.1.

- Pwkara is available in English from version 4.1.1.
Click the link below to download the edit.

Download PWKara

After downloading, please uninstall the file in the server where the program is installed, then double-click the Install.exe file.

Accuracy 1: To update the program, know the name or IP of the server on which the application is installed, the name or IP of the server where the hardware lock is installed, the name of the SQL user whose program is installed, and the password is required.

Accuracy 2: If the duration of your support contract has expired, you will not be able to upgrade the editing of the program.

Download the system guidance guide
If you have a question about how a particular item is running in the program or if there is a problem with your application, you can see the solution to this problem by looking at this section and finding the answer to your question.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 - How can I enable a paid vacation card?
A. In the travel menu--> Daily Leave--> Leave the remainder of the course
Enter the staff leave interval for a specific date. To change the first date of the course, use the "Change Card History" key.
B) Increment - Reduced leave is possible both manually and automatically.
Manually increase your entitlement to paid leave (2.5 days per month or 30 days a year) if you wish:
Use the travel section--> Daily Leave--> Increase or decrease your vacation.
In automatic mode, check the option "Increase vacation based on the work done" on the system parameters of the leave system, and specify the type of employment for each staff member by pressing the "Duration of the increase for each day of operation".
for example:
2.5 days We ask for a vacation for 1 month to become an hour: 20 hours
Turn the 20 hours to 60 minutes: 1200 minutes
We divide 1200 minutes by 30 (days of the month): 40 minutes
So, she asked for a leave to work every day = 40 minutes
In the automatic method, a payday increase is provided by preparing a daily function report or summary of the situation.

2. The overtime of staffing is indicated as "overdue", which should be done to convert this overtime to "overtime work".
- In Personnel -> Overtime Need a license, specify personnel before the start of the shift, after the end of shift and on holidays for several hours are allowed to have extra work.
- In the Shift introductions section, specify the maximum overtime allowed
- In the system overhead page system parameters, the minimum daily workload is acceptable throughout the day.
- If you need to have a licensed unit manager for each day, in the permissions section, enter individual or collective permissions.

3. If you have been mistakenly filed for a leave entitlement leave, what should be done to remove it?
In the travel section -> Daily Leave -> Cardholder, the delete key can delete the wrong sheet.

4. Is it possible to remove displacements in case of monthly traffic?

5. How to change the history of helpless cardhounds at the beginning of the course?
From that date onwards, leave entitlement is displayed.

6. Can I remove daily permits in modifying the monthly traffic?
No. Removing daily deprivation of leave from a paid child allowance and excluding other leave from day-to-day leave - Other leave

7. What should be done if there is no monthly or weekly payday modification in the hourly check list?
In the menu, contact with the CARTZNER - Allow the items to leave, and the missions and service delays will appear in the hourly modification of the monthly traffic.

8. What is the meaning of the column for the function of August in Cardx?
In the case of automatic increase and decrease of leave, the increase in leave is recorded at the Card Day for the month of August (the amount specified in the system parameters on the leave page).

9. In Cardx, what is the meaning of the column for "Hour" in July?
For the hourly depreciation used in August, you will deduct the amount of hours from the card by providing a daily function report or a summary of the condition at the deductible card.

10. Can I register daily paid leave?
Yes. Based on the section and the group, you can select the personnel you want and determine the length of the leave.

11- Can I remove permits registered in one day in a group?
Yes. In the traffic menu - Overtime Permissions - Select Overtime Permissions for the Group, and select the Group and / or Division or all individuals and click the Delete button.

12. What is the meaning of the remainder of the course?
If the staff has been departing from previous years and has been transferred to subsequent years, it will be set as the beginning of the period for travel - day-to-day leave-the first half of the period.
Telephone service

Call the 84288 (021) Telephone Consultant to resolve the issue.

It should be noted that the telephone service only includes customers who have a support contract with the World Trade Company or within the software warranty range.

Requested expert dispatch

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Prerequisite for installing PWKara-Win software

1. Operating system Windows 7 or higher. For F and H versions (under the network), the minimum operating system requirements for Windows Server 2008 (if the operating system is not server-type, the efficiency and security and stability of the system decreases)
2- SQL Server
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 at least
3. Minimum required memory is 4GB (RAM).
4. USB port
5. Free space for the drive you want to install the program and drive operating system (at least 10G)

Where to install the attendance device:
1- Node Network (for network communication).
2- Power outlet

If you need to reinstall the program, the MSSQL Server version should be the same or higher with the previous version installed.


Learn how to install the PWKara software

To install the PWKara application, follow these steps:
1. Start Install.exe from the installation CD and click the Next button.
2. At this point, select the Local option if you want the program to be fully installed (database + executable program) on the current system. If you want the database to be installed on a system and executable file on another system, select the Remote option.
3. At this point, after reviewing the electronic agreement, select "I agree to this agreement."
4. Enter the path you want to install the program.
5. If you wish, select "Create Shortcut on Desktop". If for some specific computational Script or Dlls written to your organization, select the appropriate option and click on the next key.
6. At this point in the name of the computer name, enter the name or Ip of the computer where the program database is installed.
Note: If you have an Instance instance for the Microsoft Sql Server application installed, enter the following in the following format:
Name instance name \ computer name or Ip

Then enter the username and password of the Sql user who is supposed to install the program. Then enter the lock Ip Address name or Ip computer that has the lock installed on it.

7. In this window, the program's profile is displayed, which, if all of the items are correct, click on the key to start the operation.

Install the hardware lock
From inside the CD, install the lock folder program on hard and install the lock driver program, Sentinel Protection Installer.exe. Double-click the LockCheck.exe file to run the lock program. If you want to run this program automatically every time you turn on the computer, right-click on the LockCheck.exe file and select the Create Shortcut option. Copy the Shortcut file to Windows StartUp and restart the computer.
StartUp path:
\ Program data \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Start Menu \ programs \ StartUp Windows installation drive