Program PW Payroll
Add a link to the PWSelf (restaurant management) link to receive desserts and desserts - add desserts and food separately or totals dessert and food.
Possibility to calculate staffing overtime at different cost centers with a separate rate for each staff member and payment outside the main list.
Possibility to calculate daily operating costs for each staff member
Possibility to make tax file in accordance with asset structure
The ability to build a file insurer in accordance with the new social security structure and Internet capability
Ability to calculate tax by the method of aggregation of annual income
The possibility of calculating fiscal taxes by the method of aggregation of annual income or in a way independent of income
Possibility to increase salaries and benefits in group
Possibility to take out all kinds of bank file outsourcing personnel salaries
Ability to report debtor staff (for showing negative salaries)
Possibility of dividend payments when raising group rights in the new year
General FAQs
1. What are the conditions for installing PWPayRoll payroll software and programming language?
To install the program, you must first install the SQL software (preferably SQL 2008 above), then the lock software will be installed, the programming language DELPHI and the operating system required by WINDOWS XP are up.

2. In the PWPayRoll Salary and Welfare Software there is a possibility to define a second company?
In the wage and salary software, two major companies can be defined, and third companies will be added later on.

How many users can log in to PWPayRoll software?
At the same time, there are 5 users, and they can be logged in for unlimited users at a time.

4. Is PWPayRoll software networked?
Yes, the program will run under the network and users can have different access.

5. Lock program problem
To go to the PWPayRoll lockout locker, things must be controlled, including:
A. The remote control installer driver 7.4.0 is installed and inside the control panel.
B) The ulc.inf file must be copied to the installation path of the namira ---- source folder.
C) In the Windows toolbar, the icon of the yellow hat (lockcheck) can be seen, and if it is not present, run from the start ---- startup menu once, manually execute from the lock folder (inside the cd installation program).
D) In the Windows utility menu, see the Latin 7 icon tcpserver, and if it does not start, start running.
And) the usb port occupied by the program lock is safe and known as the system.

6- Problem of staff interruption and social security list
In the rights-personnel information menu, the start date and the end date of the work are defined and the date of the end of the work is defined the next day as the date of leaving the insurance list.
It can be seen. (For example, if a person completes their work on 31/3/90, they will appear on the insurance list as 1/4/90).

7-Ability to calculate tax in the program
Calculate the tax calculation method in the PWPayRoll program by aggregation method.
Thus, if a person paid a large tax on the basis of the tax table in a month, he will be released later in the month, ie he will always have an effective tax deduction for the calculation of the tax for the previous months (attached to the tax example)

8. To create a tax file to build asset disks:
First, all tax information must be completed in full.
A) In the main information menu --- Tax information --- Tax domains --- Various tax exemptions
A) 2. In the basic information menu --- Define workshops --- Define workshops --- Name of branch tax --- Code of taxation to be entered
B) in personnel information
1 - The name and the name of the father must be entered. 2- The staff, occupation, and occupation shall be entered in accordance with the property manual. 3. In the other section, enter the exemption form. 4. In the personal information section, the name of the country will be completed.
C) In the information menu of rights - personnel tax information - after completing all the information in this section in the non-cash section should be unblocked and retained for all personnel.
D) In the menu of facilities --- Information and Taxes --- Detailed tax information and tax information and tax information will be completed.
And, after completing the above steps in the menu, we are going to go to the facilities --- information and taxes to make the tax file and select the month and year first, then choose the name of the tax branch to select the magnifying glass and fill the payment form, and enter the key of your report if you have calculated the salary amount To be

9. Steps to create an asset disket
After executing the operation in accordance with Point 4 in the Features Menu ---- Tax Information and Tax File Making Tax File After creating the report with the path to the file path creation path, select the desired path and press the disc key to create two files on the selected path. Copy from disposable CDs or CDs once again.

10-To insert the image in the personnel profile
In the Personnel Information Menu --- Personnel --- first, select the image and image options option and double-click the image area, and select LOOKIN from the file path of the image.

11. Activation stages of the current month
In the Operations menu --- Monthly Operations --- Activate the current month and select the Yes key to create a new month. The next one If you want to transfer information from the previous month to the current month, then press Yes, and if you want to leave it Move the information to the key.
In the Operations menu, we select the personnel data transfer from the previous month, and from the right side of the screen, select the people you want to migrate to next month and move the blue arrow from right to left and if you want Select all, right-click, select all, and then move the blue arrow from right to left.

12- View error in entering the program
The user name of the application is correct.
Enter the correct password.
The name of the company is to be selected (there are two companies to enter into the program)
The type of date is the default of the Persian language and the default language.
The date should be in YYYY / MM / DD format, or in the conorl panel --- regional and language (/).
It should be noted that the main user of the program is the default manager and the post number is 1.
Steps to change password in salary and salary program
By default, the user name of the manager is 1, and if the password is changed by the client, the password of the password program must be changed to 4 four. In fact, the data base is as follows.
User ID = 1
User name = manager
User password = 4
Telephone service

Contact a telephone counselor to resolve the issue with 84282 (021).

It should be noted that the telephone service only includes customers who have a support contract with the World Trade Company or within the software warranty range.

Requested expert dispatch

To request the dispatch of the expert, please complete the complete form correctly. You will be contacted at the earliest opportunity to coordinate.

Complete the form

Demo request

The demo session can be provided by the experts of the company to become familiar with the products of the processing world in the company or at the customer's premises. To apply for a demo, please complete the attached form information in full. You will be contacted for the first time in order to coordinate.

Complete the form

Steps to install PWPayRoll software

Steps to lock the app
1-Before installing the flash program, connect the lock to the usb port (note that the lock has a LED that lights up after installation).
Then open the install cd and run E: \ INSTALL_cd \ LockDriver and run the Sentinel Protection Installer 7.4.0.exe file and click the next key as shown below.
2. Click I accept the terms in the license agreement and click the next key.

Figure 1 shows the installation of the lock
3-Key next.
2. In this step, select the complete option for the initial installation and select the next key.
3. Select the install option and the next one.
4. At this point, if you want to change the firewall settings, use the yes key, and then press the no key.
5-The final installation process ends with the key.

Until this install, the lock program is completed and at this point you must first install the Microsoft SQl Server program.

Steps to install payroll program (PWPayroll):
1-Install the program, run the Setup.exe file from the installation CD of the program.

2. We go with the next key to the next page.

3. In the username, enter the name of the database, and in the organizational section enter the name of the company and check the box for anyone who uses this computer.
4- In the next page, tick the custom option and hit the next key.
5. In this section, just select the payroll program and cross out the other programs to be disabled and click the next key.
6. The next key is the installation process.
7. At this point, you must select the database name in the server name and username, and password is the same as the sql installation password.
We will save the key and if the information is correct, then the database message is created.
8. Start the installation by pressing the install key.
9. At this point, we will re-enter the database name and user name sa and the password for installing sql.
10. Select the installation path. Preferably choose a drive other than the Windows drive and select the next key.

11-Finishing the Fin key is completed.

12. Restart the system to run lock check.exe and tcp.server.exe
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