Your child's safety on the way to school

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School Services System

My son rides to service?

School service arrived on time?

Has the driver selected the correct route?

Does the driver have a stopover on the track?

Does not my child be safe from the service?

My child came to school with health?

These and many other questions of this kind are the concerns of mothers and fathers of Iran every day. The only way to overcome these concerns is to use the technology of the day. The world of processing, according to the expertise and three decades of experience in the field of attendance, has produced an application that helps you dear parents know at any moment about your child's situation in the school service.
The provision of school services is one of the most valuable services to citizens and students. Most parents, especially working parents, welcome these services. The school service has helped save the time of the parents. Because they no longer need to go to school or go to school when school closes. And the commuting with these services, which is the starting point of the home, is more convenient than taxis and buses that are located in certain parts of the city. Despite these positive features for using school services, parents and even school officials have an important concern. From the time they leave school until they reach school, and vice versa, they are in a state of uncertainty, which leads to their worries and creates self-criticism. To solve this, the world of processing with the help of the "Service" and the software that can be installed on the smart device of students allows parents and school authorities to be aware of the time they arrive and exit.

Project introduction

"Service Service" is a system of school intelligence services, developed on the basis of GPS, RFID, and NCF technologies, using Mifare cards for students and smartphones for school services drivers. Of course, if students do not have cards or drivers do not have the ability to NFC, they can register and control the student's boarding and dismounting manually by drivers. But in the case of a NFC-enabled Android smartphone, sign-ups and shutdowns will be done by bringing the Mifare card closer to the back of the phone. In addition to preventing human error, the presence and presence of students in the service will be finalized.

System and application "Service Service" have been evaluated after initial needs assessment and through a field study project in different schools of Tehran, and it has led to the design and implementation of software for this product.

The world of processing company started its activities in 1998 with the aim of designing and producing electronic and computer systems. And since 2008, he has been developing vehicle tracking and locating systems. And it is proud to provide easy and safe access to the student schools of the applied application called School Service School.

How does the service Yar application work?

Service Provider, the Intelligent School Services System, will allow you to see the location of the service online when you access your home on the map as soon as the driver's group is enabled. If the driver approaches your home range, you will be notified via SMS, as well as in-app notification, and will prepare your child for the ride. When riding your child in the service, please, if you have a service card, close it to the NFC smartphone driver so that the registration of the traffic is done automatically, in which case you will be sent SMS and Notification again.
If the mobile phone driver does not have this feature, the driver will record the driver manually for the child, in which case the parents will be informed. Along the way, you can see your child's journey on the map online to reach your destination along with the speed of the move. To do this, the map will be active for you by holding the student picture and dragging it to the bottom of the application. Became Also, when school is closed, you can see the time and place of the ride and the route to the house. If necessary, you can send the default messages to the driver.
Observing the service driver at the moment of the route, determining the speed of the vehicle, the time it takes to reach the home or school, the state of the car in unpredictable traffic and the two-way communication between the driver and the parents of the benefits of intelligent school services.
The control of all service drivers by the contractor will help to better manage the services and optimize costs for the contractor.
The school, as a student caretaker, will be able to supervise the control of the traffic of school vehicle services.
If parents get used to these programs, if the Internet is disconnected or the driver's mobile phone is turned off for various reasons, such as oblivion, and parents will be afraid and worried about the lack of knowledge of their student status and will be dismissed. . Of course this may not happen once a year.

After-sales service and support

The processing world company is one of the leading companies in providing telephony support or in-person support for its hardware and software. The company is proud to present products and services to more than 30,000 organizations, institutions, individuals and legal entities all over Iran and some countries of the region. The dealers throughout the country are ready to serve dear customers. Provision of services for the servicing software is performed on an annual basis (school year plus summer holidays).