Attendance software

Along with each attendance and traffic control system, an application needs to be able to handle all kinds of reports from raw data. (Of course, today's world-class devices provide the user with a variety of features, such as viewing the latest traffic or defining mission and vacation.)

The world of processing software presents its presence with the name PWKara in two versions of Windows and the Web provides customers. It's worth noting that a professional support team answers all the questions of the world of processing customers at all office hours.

Along with any hardware or attendance device, there is also a need to open a software application. The world of processing has been introduced to the market with DOS software many years ago. Some applications of attendance are:

Personnel shifts (administrative, hospital, hospital)
Computing Overtime, Networking, Shifting
Leave management, vacation time, and missions
Report and edit individual card
Daily work report
Monthly performance report

At the moment, the processing world's software presence can be linked to the personnel, financial, salary and human resources system, and receive personnel specifications, as well as a summary of monthly functions for a variety of payroll systems. You can also browse through the company's Web site to view traffic from anywhere for your staff.