Attendance System

رسانه - عکس - حضور و غیاب - PW 1000

Attendance is a device used to record and control personnel traffic. Attendance software is a program that receives raw information from the device for logging in and out of the machine, and converts to a variety of reports that can be used by managers, human resources, salaries, and more. The set of these facilities is a system or presence system or traffic control. The processing world has been offering a variety of hardware and software products in the early seventies. The world of processing is the first manufacturer of the Persian language machine of attendance. A short visit to the virtual museum of the company will allow you to view the first Persian-language presence of Iran.
What is the attendance system?

The attendance system is to monitor the start and end time of personnel. This system, also known as the control system, helps the employer monitor work hours, delay, or delay, hurry, vacation, and mission, and prevent unnecessary payments. In this system, their entry and exit personnel are registered automatically via the traffic control device (reader, clock, card reader, log-out and log-in logon) from other common names. Computer, or mobile. The logged-in and logged information on the device is quickly transferred to software that can calculate the personnel's performance.
The performance and capabilities of this system can sometimes be far beyond the entry and exit of personnel. For example:

Monitor the location of personnel through Geo-Location and Geo-Fencing.
Provides real information about the personnel who really work or do not work.
Manages the vacation.
Create staff shifts.

The world of processing, proudly, is the first to attend the country

The world of processing, as the first in Persian-based systems of attendance, presented many ideas for the first time that other companies adopted some of these ideas:

The first full hours of Persian PW 1000 attendance
Designing dedicated mission and vacation keys (PW 1000) and special attention to them in design (PW 1100 and PW 1200 and later models)
Ergonomic design of the barcode reader with slope forward and left-diversion for easy use of the card (PW 1400)
Assign key for personal traffic reporting on the device without the need for software (PW 1100 and later models)
Keyboard design adapted to the culture of Iranian presence and key assignment to popular science (service delays, card forgetting and more) (PW 1400 and PW 1500)
Full-page weekly traffic report for individual (PW 1600)
Beautiful and simple design of the clock according to the latest designs of the world with special attention to the user and the vertical screen (PW 1700)
One of the strengths of the company's manufacturing units in terms of external products is the inclusion of a power supply inside the machine that facilitates the wiring of the electrician and also helps with the installation.
The world of processing was the first company to provide a two-year warranty with a 10-year back-up guarantee. Of course, in practice, even sometimes, this support has been going on for more than 20 years, and still there are super-powered PW 1100 devices in the corners of the country.

Attendance types

Along with the industrial revolution, the establishment of industrial factories and the emergence of concepts such as personnel, hours of work, production lines, full-time labor force, shifts, leave, daily and monthly wages and modern concepts that were followed by the emergence of industries, requires a system for recording And the monitoring of the work of workers and employees and the subsequent identification tool was felt more than any other management tool.

Hand-held or mechanical attendance machine with cardboard

In the past, the employer used the time stamping machine for the presence and absence of personnel, which relied on paper cards that were stamped on them. The Amano device was the first presence device to be used in Iran in the early 1970s. She is witnessing the same movie by the wife of Mehdi Fakhimzadeh, with the wonderful game of Lady Fatima Motamediraya! As you can see in this few seconds, personnel should manually insert their card into the device so that they can be logged in or out. The advantages and disadvantages of this device are not covered by anyone. Especially for people who are (God forbid) cheating and cardboarding elsewhere. Interestingly, after over twenty years, there are still a lot of clock or watch devices that are used on this device, instead of the presence device.
It took a century to replace this system with an automatic machine that needs to manually record the traffic by the personnel.
In Iran, these devices were known as "Time Clock" or "Punch Card" according to how they were used, and they were popular until the early 1970s.

Kartzani in the movie Wife with Fatemeh Motamed Aria


Electronic attendance device with card

In Iran, the first electronic attendance systems were used since the late 60s. The biggest advantage of the digital system is the need to eliminate the need for a manual cardiac system. All times are collected and calculated electronically, which results in a significant reduction in errors. The other strength of this system is to manage all your needs, such as the amount of staff available, the time left for leave, and the shifts in the software. Initially, this system was more expensive than the mechanical system, but instead of saving the card, it was easier to maintain the system, and by eliminating manual calculations, the system performance was considerably increased.
On these devices, there was usually a keypad that allowed the registration of the type of travel, such as hourly or hourly missions.
The processing world was one of the leading companies in the field, which in the early 1970's introduced a revolution in Iran's presence in the presence of the first Persian display screen and keyboard clock (PW 1000).

Different generations of card and card reader in these systems are in sequence:

Optics: They were read by the holes in the plastic card. These cards were cheat. The world's first generation PW 1000 clockwork was equipped with this system.
Barcode: By dialing a barcode, the number was read. Copies of these cards were easy.
Magnetism: Copies of these cards were only possible with a magnetic encoder.
Proxy 125 kh: Unprotected cards that are difficult to copy.
Mifare: No-touch cards can be used to insert some information, such as personnel numbers and individual names.

New device PW 1700


Biometric attendance device

One of the problems with card systems was the need to carry the card by the staff, as well as the ability to use the card by other people. To overcome these shortcomings, biometric systems were generated from the early 1980s. In biometric systems, people must touch the device or move on to identify the personnel and record their traffic. These new identifying technologies use biometric identification tools such as fingerprint registration or face detection. Types of these systems are:
Capacitive fingerprint: Work through the thermal sensors on which the finger is placed. These sensors are very vulnerable and in addition they are expensive and slow and obsolete.
Optical fingerprint: Work through fingerprint scanning. Some of these sensors have the ability to recognize live tissue. Due to the fading of some people's fingerprints, the use of a non-contact card reader along with a fingerprint sensor is required.
Palms: The palm of a hand is placed on a plate or passed through a gap. These systems are expensive and more applicable to access control.
Diagnosis of eye iris: By working with an eye iris scan and high security, they are slow and not suitable for presence and absence due to the need to stop the person at a certain point.
Face Detection: Identify facial features through an infrared camera. These systems have become popular in recent years.
Newer devices come equipped with a touch screen, featuring a smaller key.
The world-wide processing company offers a wide range of commonly used technologies, optical fingerprint and face recognition, with proxy and non-contact proximity card readers that produce the company.

Devices for the presence and absence of the Processing World

The iClock700 has fingerprint identification and card authentication capabilities. Currently the production of this product has been stopped.
This system is one of the best face recognition devices in the market. It also has fingerprint recognition capabilities. Currently the production of this product has been stopped.
Face Detection Device, with fingerprint capabilities.
PW 1680
This series of customized world-class products is made for customers. And there are wide-ranging capabilities (camera, fingerprint sensor, thermal printer, etc.)
Attendance The PW1510 is a new generation of PW1500 series. The device features fingerprint recognition, high memory for storing traffic and more.
The PW1520 is a new generation of PW1500 series. The features of this fingerprint recognition device are high memory for storing traffic and more.
The PW1600 is a new generation of devices for the presence of the world of processing. The best and most powerful device is the presence of the market.
The new fingerprint fingerprinting product of the PW1700 is more than a quarter-century experience in the design of the attendance system in the world of processing company.
This system is one of the finest facial recognition devices and one of the most popular on the market with the firmware of the world of processing.
This device is specially designed for smaller compartments, such as fingerprint recognition, contactless card reader, etc.
The VF780's availability and availability model is recommended for collections that require a face-detection system at a reasonable price. This device also has wifi capabilities.
This device has become an attractive option due to its unique features and build quality along with the right price for small sets.

What are you looking for when shopping for attendance?

The supplier, based on experience and product support power, has a true 2-year warranty and 10 years of real support.
The attendance device for Push Monitoring to continuously send information to the software (without interrupting the clock).
The attendance device, without the need for a computer, has the ability to display a weekly traffic report on the device screen.
The support team of the supplier company has sufficient experience in addressing companies and organizations and repairing the machine.
Production is internal and can be customized according to customer needs.
High quality and quality parts are used in its manufacture.
The supplier will provide a free training class to work with the device.
The provider of the company provides the educational content that is adequate and adequate to work with the system.

Attendance Software

Along with any hardware or attendance device, software is also required to process raw data and turn it into reports for the recruitment, human resources and management departments. Some applications of attendance are:

    Personnel shifts (administrative, hospital, hospital)
    Computing Overtime, Networking, Shifting
    Leave management, vacation time, and missions
    Online Personnel Traffic Control
    Report and edit individual card
    Daily work report
    Monthly performance report

Attendance software can be linked to the personnel, financial, salary and human resources system, and receive personnel specifications, as well as a summary of monthly functions for a variety of payroll systems.

If your organization also has the world's leading software and restaurant, with the help of these two systems, you can control the status of the staff at the organization when chewing the food cheat.

What are some of the features we are looking for when shopping for attendance?

It's flexible and has the ability to customize and script with the least amount of effort and time.
Provides the ability to integrate with other software organizations, such as human resources, finance, and salaries through the web service.
The supplier company has a free and permanent education class every week for the software to work.
The supplier company provides you with the perfect educational video content for working with attendance software.
Provider, telephone support and in-person presence with the least waiting time.

The history of the processing world in the field of production of attendance software

After offering the first time of attendance, according to customer demand, in the early 70's, free attendance software was provided to customers under DOS. With the development of DOS software, the PWLAN was introduced to the market, which is still used by some companies with the same ease with regard to features and capabilities.
Due to the diversity and range of different demands of Iranian customers in the field of presence and absence, the world of processing as a pioneer in the mid-1970s made it possible to customize daily and monthly calculations with the help of the side scripts of the program, which in its own style has a low flexibility They were.
In the mid-1970s, along with free software, an advanced software called PWKara under DOS was introduced with FoxPro language, which was unparalleled in terms of the computational complexity of complex organizations.
In the year 1385, the Windows version of PWKaraWin was released in Delphi and was released to the Iranian software market. In 1395, the PWKaraWeb software was provided in web c #.

Windows Attendance Software

The PW Kara-Win software is presented in three single-use administrative versions, a networked workplace with shift rooms and hospitals, with the option of tying, and one of the best-selling attendance and dare software, the most successful at-large software available on the market. In which the user experience of tens of thousands of users is considered. Various manufacturing industries, including automakers, have been loyal to customers since the beginning.
The personnel card, designed on the basis of the idea of a traditional card for mechanical devices, at a glance provides everyone with an opportunity to edit and extract the function and the card at a very good level. This card, from the outset, was one of the strengths of the world of processing company compared to other Iranian competitors. In this software, the richness of all kinds of functional reports provided the fulfillment of all the needs of the human resources department.
Due to the native and Iranian needs of software, foreign software does not have the power to compete in the Iranian market.
The strengths and weaknesses of the software world, the integration of the world of processing, is integrated with the company's system (restaurant) to control the restaurant and contractors.

PW Kara-Win

رسانه جدید

PW Kara-Web

رسانه - محصولات - نرم افزار حضور غیاب - PW Kara Web

Web presence software

The PW Kara-Web Attendance software is based on the long-term PW Kara Win experience and, in addition to all its benefits, it has many features like:

The possibility of integration with the web-based wizard system, which has many features for collecting various types of traffic permits, overbooking, vacation and missions, and greatly enhances the productivity of the organization.
It is ten times faster than Windows software. On a regular computer, it's possible to report 1000 people per minute per month.
Integrate device management presence and compatibility with a variety of foreign companies devices such as ZK, Suprema and Virdi
Developing a variety of computations in multi-part shifts, nurses' productivity, and many more.
The embedded web services provide the ability to integrate with other corporate staffing systems, Active Directory, and other systems.