Chip issue system

بنر 1650

Office restaurant management

Today, there are systems for controlling, recording and maintaining the consumption statistics of personnel in organizations, offices and companies as management requirements.
In the office restaurant management system, or the food chain system, in addition to mechanizing the delivery of food, eliminating the payment at the time of eating, the loss of the queue in the diner, the registration and control of the number of food and desserts provided At any rate, managers can have more control over the cost of payments to contractors and (if necessary) deduct the amount of food from the employee's legal fees through the salary file.
Also, with the possibility of pre-ordering food by the staff, managers can plan or oversee comprehensive and comprehensive feed-in order of each serving (up to four weeks) and will avoid paying extra and lavish food costs.
Another advantage of using the chip export system is to control and limit the number of chips issued per person per serving and the ability to determine the cost for his next chips.
In addition, organizations that use the system of attendance of the world-wide processing company will have full control over the issuance of personnel chips to promise. These organizations, by connecting the processing world (or other companies) to the processing world software issuance software, provide the possibility of receiving food only for those personnel who are in the required shifts and announced in the system at the company or The organization is present and can not receive meals if the staff is outside the office hours of the organization.

Chip or automation restaurant system for the world of processing
Reserves of food by personnel can be made from inside or outside the organization in three ways:
1. Web booking and refreshment
2. Via the user defined in the Windows version
3. Kiosk connected to the server with touch monitor
Controls for issuing the jack in the state without a network connection
By sending the tables of the latest changes registered in the software to export the chips to the devices, the following are controllable:
1. User Defined in Organization
2. Recruitment date
3. Allow promise
4. The number of food ceilings
5. Allow each user for defined restaurants
6. Make a meal reservation
In the case of network connection, the control of presence and absence (the amount charged by the user of the system) for the issuance of a jack

The world of processing 1650 chipset

The new world-wide chip processing machine, PW1650, features an in-built printer that delivers food at the instant of the chip. As you can see in the film, the use of this machine raises the speed of eating and prevents long queues in diners and homeopaths. People no longer need to carry money or a bank card, and of course, the health of the organization's meal environment is also rising.
You can refer to the PW1650 Technical Specification page for the details of this device.

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