Intelligent Parking System

بنر-سامانه پارکومتر

Parcamera history

After the second industrial revolution, with a remarkable advance in the steel industry (1914-1870), with the expansion of the automobile industry and the growing growth of this industry, and the increasing popularity of the use of private cars due to the economic growth of societies and against it, Kennedy Urban development and road reform required a new problem caused by irregular parking in the streets. In addition to the design and implementation of numerous traffic and municipality laws, an empty space can be provided without human intervention and problems arising from the direct presence of humans (overhead costs, uncontrolled and possible corruption caused by it, etc.). The problem was felt. The first patent for this problem was registered in America in 1928. Parking meter is a device used to raise money and also pay for vehicle park in a specific place and in a limited time. The parking meter is used by the municipality as a tool for implementing integrated parking and traffic policies. Of course, this system is also used for profit making.
Today's parkometers were invented by scientists at the University of Oklahoma in 1933, at the request of the city's executives, and in 1935, the first parket meter was installed in Oklahoma. Initial parquet meters built on the basis of receiving a coin, button, or batch for setting up and adjusting the time (prepayment) were mass produced in 1936 and for over 40 years without any general changes or slight changes Such as the possibility of booking two park parks with a device or technology and raw materials were used. This generation of park meters after putting the coin or placing the banknote on the spot recognition station, or even the use of credit cards and rotations Handle or press the mechanical button, the park meter started to work.
In the mid-1990s, the generation of digital parcels was introduced by replacing mechanical parts with keyboards, displays and electronic boards. Because of the ease of re-programming compared to the mechanical settings required at each time the prices and conditions were changed, these devices were met with general interest, and by the end of the second millennium, millions of park meters were used worldwide.
With the rapid growth of technology and the invention of modern methods of payment and the transformation of urban culture, the need for new devices with up-to-date capabilities, including the possibility of electronic payments, flexible planning of time and cost of the park was felt.
New parking meters are designed to overcome these shortcomings and can accommodate multiple parking lots, display instructions, acceptance of various bank cards (or even a new payment system for mobile payments). Park time setting and payment Correspondingly, it has a defect reporting system for the control center and ... Designed for sale.
The world of processing is proud to use the technology of the world and the use of high quality raw materials from reputable park meters manufacturers in Iran, and so far the park meters of this company have been installed in the big cities of Tabriz and Urmia and are providing services to the citizens.
Due to the fact that the products of this company are all produced and manufactured by the engineering and design team of the company, it is possible to provide customized products based on customers' demands.

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