Parking Management System

The users of the parking management system are more or less familiar with this system, and as drivers expect the use of this system to be easy and efficient. Customers expect the system to increase the speed of the process and not be problematic. Users need to know how to use this system and get familiar with the payment method. Paying costs is important because parking owners do not allow customers to park their cars at no charge.
The parking management system encountered problems with the advancement of technology and the changes made to this system. Because integrated equipment and software were used in this system. With the advancement of the parking management system, controlling the arrival and departure of cars from parking was very easy. This system has many benefits to which we refer to some of them.
Advantages of Parking Management System

✔The main advantage of this advanced technology system is that it has a very high efficiency.
✔ The design and operation of this system is easily manageable and monitored and controlled by the parking staff.
✔ Another great feature of this system is that there is not much energy and energy, but it has high revenues. That is, they do not have to work hard to make money.
✔ Drivers safely place their car in a safe place for an hour. The parking management system prevents unauthorized entry and exit of people.
✔ This system is the perfect solution for saving time. The cars move faster and the traffic is controlled and easily parked.
The parking management system has a variety of types that are recommended for their familiarization.
Automatic and preventive parking

These parking spaces are very simple. The customer just stops his car and park in the parking lot. When the barrier passes, the smart card is given to it when the card is inserted into the device to calculate parking charges based on the parking time of the car. The card will be returned to the guard at the exit to confirm that it is leaving.
Self parking system

This system has more fans and is very simple and inexpensive. In this type of system, when the car enters the parking lot, it is automatically recorded, and it is calculated based on the time the car is stopped and the cost is calculated.
Robotic parking system

The system is very modern, and of course few are available. But in the future they will gain popularity because the majority are looking for the development and development of parking lots. When the person enters the parking lot, everything that he does is stop the car in the park's original location and leave it. Smart card is given to him. In the next step, the car is transferred to the park area. When the owner returns, the card is returned and the cost is automatically calculated and paid by the customer. Then the car is provided. All computer processes.