The Patrol and Guard System

بنر-گشت و نگهبانی

All places where security, control and supervision are of great importance and need to be regularly visited and reburied at regular intervals, have guards or guards for this purpose. Such as warehouses, factories, workshops, centers and military places, residential, commercial and office complexes, telecommunications posts, oil and gas pipelines, and ...
The biggest problem in this area is the possibility for the guard to be obliterated from certain posts, delayed or disrupted visits, negligence in supervision, and, in general, lack of proper knowledge of the guard function.
In addition to being the best mechanized solution to this problem, the system of patrol and guarding the world of processing will provide a variety of useful and useful reports for managing the performance of guards, analysis and planning.
In this system, after identifying the superstructures, arranging rebellion to these locations and determining the intervals for rebellion to each post, by the device of patrol and guarding of each rebellion carried out by each guard and recorded after the discharge of information through The software provides a report of the performance details of each guardian.

What is RFID Technology?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), which works with radio waves, called RFID, is used in this system of two tools, a tag or label in which the product ID or the object or card is placed. This tag can only be read by a reader or reader, and this kind of exchange of information is done. This technology is used in many places, including stores, security systems such as fingerprinting, an eye recognition system, and more.

RFID equipment required
Among the equipment that can be used, the following can be mentioned.
1- An ID or Tag
2- Reader Tag or Reader
4- Information Management Software
The use of this technology involves reducing costs, reducing errors, security, controlling the processes that are invisible, and so on.

One of the applications of RFID technology is the patrol system.

The first manufacturing patrol and surveillance company PW2000

رسانه - عکس - گشت و نگهبانی - موزه - PW 2000



The  processing World company has been proud to have introduced the first generation of patrol and security devices (PW2000) since the year 1369.

In 2000, the second generation of patrol and security devices (PW2100) was marketed to the market.

In 2002, the third generation of patrol and surveillance devices (PW2200) was launched with new capabilities.
The capabilities of this device include the following:

Memory to record 1000 valves
Computer connection and logging of time and place of patrol and guard
Rechargeable battery
A backup battery for storing information up to a month
Lightweight and shock resistant and waterproof
LED bulb for reading valve reading
Automatic shutdown of the device
Convenient transportation in hand
Has a solar calendar and clock
No need for cabling
Memory (ROM) 64 KB
Memory (RAM) 64 KB
Total memory capacity to store 3000 valves and ...

The newest patrol and surveillance device PW2400

This patrol and surveillance device of the world's largest processing industry, the fourth generation of surveillance and surveillance devices, was launched with a new and distinct approach from previous generations in 2014. The capture of the PW2400's patrol and guarding device is done automatically by simply approaching the device to each post (tag) embedded in the rebellion. It will also be easy to unload information on this system. Having a flashlight also makes it easy to watch and watch with the PW2400's world of processing. It also comes equipped with a GPS positioning system.

The hardware products of the world of processing patrol and security