Automatic Vehicle Locations and Transportation Management (AVL)

بنر- سامانه مدیریت ناوگان AVL
Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) is a tool for locating a location and sending it to a center equipped with an GPS positioning antenna so that the company or organization can navigate through the Internet, remotely from the vehicle's location. This system is a combination of GPS technology and a complete geographic map that aims to improve the management of a vehicle fleet of true or legal customers. For example, a company using the AVL system is able to, geolocation, route Monitor your vehicle's speed and fuel consumption instantly. An AVL system in Vienna Dosage, Web, and Mobile. Automatic positioning systems can be used for any organization or business that has mobile power.

Applications of an AVL system, the same as the location of the car

AVL's transportation and distribution companies can, based on information such as instantaneous location, estimate the arrival time of the vehicle to the designated location, send and receive messages from the driver, accurate planning for their customers and the pros and so the subject It will accelerate and improve services.
Briefly, there are some parts of the market that can benefit from vehicle tracker and fleet management system:
Tracking and managing the transport of buses and intercity lorries, and waggons, wastes, refuse and assistance vehicles, car leasing companies, car loan vehicles, schools and paramilitary services, fuel carriers, police agencies and law enforcement agencies. .

History of Processing World in Car Location (AVL)

The company has a long history of implementing large projects in the field of automated fiscal collection system (AFC Automatic Fair Collection) from 1377 to today. The most advanced structure of discount in Iran is based on card type, financial management, urbanization and changes. It has smart cards. So hardware and software were designed and manufactured, which is still unrivaled in Iran.
Since 2009, AVL has been designing and manufacturing a world-known processing company (CARPC) for managing the transport fleet as well as multimedia audio management (station announcement) and multimedia (for the possibility of advertising within the bus) consistent with The AFC was built and built in big cities such as Isfahan, Urmia and Birjand, and the pan is working today and supported.
Since the year 1396, the new generation of PW9430 design and manufacturing company has been developed with a certificate and camera card to send driver photos and position for the server. This device is manufactured according to Sept. The new PW9430 hardware was launched in the 1397 bus and bus service.
In the year 1398, the World of Processing Company, as the first company, developed a system that complies with the Sipad standard for use by the Inland Urban Organization.
The purpose of these devices is to meet the needs of the organization of road and rail transport, transport fleet management, and the interurban and urban organizations in order to create intelligent transportation system.
The world-wide processing company in the field of intelligent transport fleet management is proud to receive official approval from the NGO, Scientific and Industrial Research and Ministry of Roads.

Sept. and Sipad standards

This machine (PW9430) comes with a camera and a card reader to control the driver's license, and can be viewed by the world of processing Sema (AVL) software.
This device allows tracking, locating, scrolling, vehicle speed, engine speed, vehicle speed, position and direction of vehicle movement, vehicle acceleration or braking condition, changing vehicle line-of-sight, and, if needed, and the presence of equipment in the vehicle, processing and The extraction of other control information, such as the amount of fuel consumed at the moment, the amount of fuel contained in the tank, etc., are also features of this device.
This device is capable of operating at -20 to +70 ° C, vibration-resistant and vibration-resistant, free-fall resistance of 0.5m on a hard surface and static electricity, the ability to read an intelligent driving license (cards Java and Native).
This device should be capable of installing on a variety of light and heavy vehicles. Therefore, the design of this machine is as follows:

Different hardware will receive the required power from the base hardware.
There is a risk of electric fluctuations in vehicles, especially during repairs.
The system must be capable of being installed on a variety of light and heavy vehicles.
The output voltage of some older models is higher than standard.
There is a possibility of mistakes in the displacement of the supply wires at the time of installation.

Other features of this system

    1. The system sends warnings to the server in the event of a driver's violation.
    2. Possibility of two-way communication with the control center over TCP / IP
    3. Driver status report by driver license attached to the device
    4. If the GPS antenna is disconnected, it will be possible to record information and send it to the server as soon as it is connected.
    5. Extensive policies have been anticipated for security of information exchange.
    6. If the device is detached, a message will be sent to the server immediately.
    7. And many other things .... 

AVL System Features fleet management ProcessingWorld

This software allows customer registration (real and legal) and direct purchase of the device, the ability to locate and intelligently track the instantaneous fleet of vehicles, personal cars, trucks, ships.
The new AVL system of the world-known processing company, called Web-based software, allows the registration of organizational and non-organizational groups with a selective access level with full monitoring of the server as Tracking (Online, Offline).
Technologies used by the program

Nodejs for Distributed Communications and Multiple Port
Two types of maps (Google Map, MapBox) to reduce risk
Three-layer framework and MVC
Cryptography of information at all stages

Advantages of the Fleet Management System of the World of Processing

Creating GIS layers on a map
Possibility of positioning and monitoring system (Online) of all personal units, such as city taxi organization, such as taxis and cargo transportation agencies, in an overview and individually, showing the tracks traveled by the vehicle online tracking and the ability to use the history of vehicles in the past, offline Spot and Linear using satellite images as BaseMap.
Coordinate system of maps and satellite imagery of UTM
The ability to display cars on Android software and see the momentary location and instantaneous speed
Possibility to link the program with the application of free-of-charge software and automatic fare collection system (AFC) for controlling the organizational function of the driver, bus operation and financial transactions
Possibility to prepare a variety of reports at the level of personal, managerial and organizational, traffic factor passenger traffic and ...
Possibility to monitor messages sent from the device to the server, and to post events related to the car such as:
Minimum and fastest speed, registration of vehicle violations in the defined and out of range, unauthorized speed record, fuel consumption and off-track violation, defined failures, dispatch to repair shops and special locations ...
Possibility to monitor the geographic location of an organization's vehicles in order to manage the specified route
Possibility to monitor the status of specific stations and locations defined in the program in order to control the bus, car, driver and service traffic.
The ability to monitor the speed of the cars in designated lines and positions
View the availability of SIM cards connected to the device
Possibility to create a line layout (route) and edit it (to control the bus and taxi fleet etc.)
Possibility to send specific commands from the server to devices located at the city level such as: turning on and off, charging the SIM card, sending settings and upgrading ....
Chart reports on travel demand for each station and attendees (for the bus or taxi fleet and ...)
Sending and displaying the position and distance of vehicles in the display of the stations (if equipping the bus stations with the required service equipment
Observe and control the fuel consumption of cars
Ability to view the time and number of stops allowed by each car based on the line, route specified or the desired location ....
Possibility of software support
And many other issues ....