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PWKara Win
The PWKara program is an attendance program for performing personnel computing calculations supporting all labor law rules. This program is under Windows operating system and its database is Microsoft SQL Server.

For more information on attendance systems, visit this page.


This software has been produced in three versions:

Windows Welcome Screen (PWKara (S) (single user, suitable for office and office suite)
Comprehensive Windows Numbers (PWKara (F) Multi-User Software, With Workflow Calculator, Suitable for Factories)
Comprehensive Windows Shielding (PWKara) (H) multi-user software, suitable for hospitals and hotels with very uneven and unpredictable shifts and traffic movements.

Has various features including:

Support for all labor law rules and the possibility of applying internal regulations of the organization
The possibility of introducing a fast and very convenient rotational program and shifting and shifting of people in shifts and shifting personnel groups.
Calculation of the function, duration of presence, work, overtime (paid, surplus and unauthorized), friday, holidays, number of lunches and dinners, holidays, delays, hours absence, ...
Possibility to introduce various work calendars
Calculate and increase the amount of leave automatically based on the period of employment and the type of employment
Support for all kinds of daily and hourly leave (illness, sick leave, no rights, sports, education, marriage, incentive, veteran, etc.)
Possibility to connect to the camera to take pictures of the personnel on the go and display it simultaneously along with the staff photo
And ...

In addition to providing diverse reports such as:

Varied and dynamic reports of work, daily and daily holidays and missions, delays in services, absences, delays, over-authorized and unauthorized charges this month and last months.
Statistical tables and special charts for displaying and comparing the performance of important indicators of attendance such as leave, overtime, delay, absenteeism, unpaid leave, sickness and ... in different units and in the company as a whole
Multi-Monthly Selection Reports from Function, Duration, Overtime (Payable, Surplus, Unauthorized), Paid, Delay, Hourly Missed, Missing Days, Types of Leave Includes Illness, Sick, Unlicensed, Veteran, Student, and Personal and Administrative Hours , The number of shifts in the morning, evening and night, the number of lunches, dinners, and evenings, and ...
Various reports relate to the presence of personnel at any time range or specific shift
And ...

Which has turned this software into the most complete and loved app for attendance in the country.

Having a comprehensive guide and a training CD for software user training is one of the other things that the world has been prepared to satisfy customers more than ever.

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