Gate 120 degree RB2


Gate 120 degree RB2

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Gate 120 degree RB2


One free side, one side controlled
Two sides are controlled
Two free sides
When the device is off or the power is disconnected, the two sides are free

Body Material: All steel with a thickness of 1.5 mm
Dimensions: 110 × 28 × 95
Weight: 48 kg
Input power: 220 V AC
Capable of working with 24 V DC
Maximum power consumption: 15 watts
Route width: 60 cm
Rate: 30 people per minute
Operating temperature: 10 to 60+ degrees Celsius
Transient Detection Sensor (Stroke)
Equipped with LED Route Display
Equipped with LED Pass Transmitter Display
Equipped with a bumpers
Control by hand key
Communications: RS485, RS232 (with customer request)
With relay outputs of lateral devices such as the clock of attendance and ...
Connectivity to a variety of traffic control systems, smart card reader, fingerprint and more.

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