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The PW2400 Surveillance Device The world of processing has significant features and benefits designed to make patrolling easy. Including a flashlight, informing the guard through vibration of the device while reading the tag, turning off the machine automatically if not used, and ...

The patrol system software also has a variety of reporting capabilities for informing and analyzing details of guards performance, patrols, and more.

For more information about patrol systems, visit this page.


Flashlight for ease of patrol patrol
Communicate with computer via USB port
Ability to define several guards for a device
No tag needed to power and battery and cabling
Capacity of 4000 recharge with one full charge of the battery
Lightweight and shock resistant and waterproof

√ Define patrol region at three levels (example: province / city / region)
√ Device assignment and post to third level (example: area)
√ Specify shift work
√ Define guards schedule based on shifts
√ Receives information from the device as a text file (in the format desired) or stored in the database
✓ Displays information from the memory image received from the device based on the specified time interval
√ Limiting users' access to devices, posts, and guards in specific areas
√ Saving Form Data Tablets to Excel
√ Report inconsistency in separating history, region and guard
√ Reporting by level, guardian, date, post, device or combination of them
√ Excel output capability for all reports
√ Ability to save reports in formats xls, xlsx, doc, rtf, xml, rpt, csv, pdf
√ Ability to work in a network environment (multi-user)

√Communications to the computer via USB port
√Intelligence and warning to the guard by shaking the device
√ Have a flashlight for ease of patrol patrol
√ Can define multiple guards for a device
√ Rechargeable battery (LI-ION) with high lifespan
√LED to indicate successful tag reading, tag repetition, guard entry, and so on.
√ Automatic shutdown of the device if not used
√ No need for tags (tags) to power and battery and cabling
√ Cache for storing 2000 cache data
√ Ability to keep information up to ten years
Capacity of 4000 recharge with one full charge of the battery

√ Strong and resistant to impact and water
√ Worker: 15 to 45+ degrees Celsius
√Alarm: 180 g

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