The new fingerprint fingerprinting product of the PW1700 is more than a quarter-century experience in the design of the attendance system in the world of processing company.
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The pw1700 is the result of more than a quarter century experience of designing the attendance system in the world of processing. In this device, the world's contemporary design is considered, and with the use of a 5-inch vertical screen, the quality and quality of the touch screen makes it easy to use and allows you to display the necessary information, including a weekly traffic report without the need The computer is provided to the user in an ergonomic way.
The fingerprinting space is designed in such a way that finger placement can be easily made. The size of the device is suitable for installation in office environments and on the gateway. Based on the experiences of the 25-year-old, unlike most of the existing models in the market, the power supply is built-in inside the device, which makes it easy to install the device without any problems, and the location of the connectors is far from the reach of ordinary users.
This device has several features including SUPREMA fingerprint sensor, the ability to connect a second card reader, the ability to equip the WiFi module or GPRS, the ability to define the registration of traffic with 14 different combinations of cards, fingerprints and key (keyboard) for Any personnel and ...
In short, we can say that the PW1700 is one of the most beautiful devices on the market.

For more information on attendance systems, visit this page.
Model Name
Face Recognition
card reader
finger print
Touch screen
screen size
Siren Output
Internal battery(UPS)
information recovery
Operational card
PW1600 PW1700 PW1520 X990C us10c uface202 vf780
× × × × × 3000 1200
9000 9000 9000 3000 3000 4000 ×
× ×
7inch 5inch 4/3 inch 3inch 3inch 4/3inch 3inch
RS232 ×
Option Option Option × Option Option Option
Option Option Option × × Option ×
Touch +keys F Touch Touch Touch
× × ×
× PW1700 Option × × × ×
Option Option
Persian / English Persian / English Persian / English Persian / English Persian / English Persian / English Persian / English
2 years 2 years 2 years 1 years 1 years 1 years 1 years


finger print
No contact card reader
Touch color display

Dual-core processor
5-inch color display (Fully Persian) with capacitive touch
Equipped with a standard proximity card reader or Mifare (or HID upon request)
Possibility to connect the second card reader to a distance of 1.5 meters (Option)
Equipped with Micro SD to increase memory (Option)
Capable of storing personnel image while on the move (PW1700 +)
Voice playback to announce card number and ...
Capacity to record 82,000 traffic
Equipped with internal UPS to continue to work when power outage
Maintain traffic information and system settings for up to 10 years if power is disconnected
Network Power Usability as Power Supply (POE) (PW1700 +)
Nutrition: 220/210 V (60/50 Hz)

Ability to automatically retrieve records at defined time intervals
Onboard network card
Equipped with Ethernet-RS422-RS485-RS232 ports
USB port for unloading information and updating the device using flash memory
USB OTG port
(optional option) GPRS, (optional option) WiFi
It has 2 relay outputs and 2 timed inputs for controlling the door, siren and ...

It has 14 different combinations of identification, consisting of a card, fingerprint and password
Push technology for sending records
Bilingual: English with Farsi or Turkish or Arabic ...
Show solar or AD history
Possibility to send full details of personnel as authorized personnel and display name when registering traffic
Ability to communicate with other attendance software through the programming functions (DLLs)
Communicating with the computer online for simultaneous transmission of logging and logging information and displaying simultaneously the characteristics and image of personnel in the computer (Monitoring)
Get information and upgrade your device with Cool Disk
Ability to define manager with different access levels

Ergonomic design for ease of use
Dimensions: cm 21.0 × cm 15.4 × cm 5.7
Approximate weight: 1080 g
Ambient temperature: 0 to 45 degrees Celsius
According to the terms of use in Iran

Sensor Type: Lightweight (Suprema)
Fake fingerprint recognition feature
Identification method: Comparison (card and fingerprint: Verify)
Identification (fingerprint only: Identify)
Capacity: 9000 fingerprints (25,000 fingerprints PW1700 +)
Identification of fingerprints up to 90 degree deviation

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