History of Processing World

The Processing World Corporation, with the aim of designing and manufacturing electronic and computer systems in 1369 with the cooperation of a group of electronics specialists (graduates of Sharif University of Technology), who had experienced the experience of carrying out military and industrial projects, aimed at creating The research-production organization began its activities to provide attendance systems.
The world of processing has started its research activities since 1369 under the name of the Research Institute of the World of Processing and its business activities since 1994 as the world's largest processing company.
Over a quarter century of endless efforts, Processing World Corp., with its experienced team of electronics, mechanics and software professionals, has succeeded in becoming a knowledgeable and leading knowledge research / design / manufacturing and manufacturing company. Electronic systems provide their customers with a variety of products with the capability to receive information / process them and provide functional reports, as well as design, supply and production of enterprise data collection and access systems.

The company's products and systems using the advanced compilation technology of the card (barcode, magnetism bar, non-contacting KHz125, Mifare-free contact) and biometric systems (Finger Print fingerprints, face detection faces) cover the following areas: Cover:
- Attendance systems
- Chip and Restaurant System
- Urban Ticket Management System
- City Bus Fleet Management System
-Once biometric authentication for turning
- Smart Credit Card System
- Control and patrol systems
- Meter reading systems (water, electricity, gas)
- Electronic locking systems
- The marginal parkometer system
Honest service and love for the country along with customer service is one of the most fundamental principles of this company and all employees of the company have gained in this culture for 25 years.
A summary of the progress of the company's goals confirms its relentless efforts to nationalize and produce Iranian quality products.
Year 1368 - The first hour of computer attendance in Persian (PW 1000)
Year 1368 - Printing and producing of all types of PVC barcode, magnet and ...
Year 1369 - First Generation of Guards (PW 2000)
Year 1369 - First Generation Pocket PC for Advice on Driving (PW 3000)
Year 1370 - First generation PDA for recording data on water, electricity and gas (PW 6000)
Year 1992 - Production of Barcode Cards (PW 6000 / PW 3000 / PW 1000)
Year 1993 - Second generation patrol and security (PW 2100)
Year 1373 - Second Generation of Hours of Attendance (PW 1100)
Year 1374 - Parking Automation System (PW 1101)
Year 1375 - Chip Issuing System for Companies and Offices (PW 1100J)
Year 1376 - Electronic locks for mounting on safes (PW 7000)
Year 1377 - Third Generation Occupation Watch (PW 1400)
Year 1378 - Electronic card with electronic barcode issued by Tehran Metro (ET 1100)
Year 1380 - Credit Card System at the request of Metro Tehran (PW 4000)
Year 1381 - Caller IDs (Proximity 125 KHz) and (PW 100 / PW 200) Mifare (13.56 MHz)
Year 2002 - Third generation patrol and surveillance (PW 2200)
Year 2003 - Fingerprint Time (PW 1400V)
Year 2004 - Second Generation Electronic Safeguard Lock (PW 7100)
2005 Fingerprint Sensor Protection System (PW 800)
Year 2008 - Electronic Ticket Ticket System (PW 9000 AFC)
2006 - Second Generation Road Traffic Advice (PW 6200R)
Year 2007 - Credit card system for sports complexes (PW 9000)
Year 2008 - Vehicle Tracker and Locating System (AVL)
Year 2009 - Vehicle Detection System (RF AVI)
Year 1389 - RTPIS system for urban bus companies
Year 2011 - The fourth generation of attendance hours (PW 1500)
Year 2012 - Design and production of marginal parquette (PW Park)
1391- Designing and manufacturing of smart card sales and charging devices (PW 5910A)
2013- Design and production of a multipurpose system (PW 1680)